Pemerintahan Darurat Republik Indonesia

The Pemerintahan Darurat Republik Indonesia ( PDRI or “Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia”), is an Indonesian government established in response to the capture of the temporary capital of the Republic of Indonesia , Yogyakarta , and the capture of Revolutionary leaders by the Dutch during the Operatie Kraai . He was based in Bukittinggi on the island of Sumatra and was led by Sjafruddin Prawiranegara .

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Conquest of the Banda Islands by the Dutch

The conquest of the Banda Islands by the Dutch , also known as the Banda massacre , is a military conquest which, in 1621, resulted in the occupation of the Banda Islands by the Dutch East India Company , as well as a severe loss of population on these islands, whose inhabitants were killed by the famine as a result of …

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Herman Willem Daendels

Herman Willem Daendels is a Dutch soldier, born onOctober 21, 1762at Hattem , Gelderland , in the Republic of the United Provinces , and died on May 2 , 1818in St. George of Elmina, on the Ghanaian coast 1 . He was an officer in the Northern Army under the Revolution , then was given high responsibilities when his native country passed under French influence. Under the First Empire , he was lieutenant-general and then governor-general of the Dutch …

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Darul Islam

The Darul Islam ( Arabic : دار الإسلام , Dar al-Islam , literally “house of Islam”) is a political movement of Indonesia which, from 1949 in 1963, wanted to impose by force an Islamic state in Indonesia ( Negara Islam Indonesia ) . It is also known as DI / TII ( Tentara Islam Indonesia or “Islamic Army of Indonesia”).

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Dharmarakshita ( x th century ), also known by its Tibetan name Serlingpa Tibetan : གསེར་ གླིང་ པ , Wylie : gser gling pa , is a sovereign prince of a region of the island of Sumatra , and custodian of the lines transmissions of the mind of awakening 1 . It is a Buddhist religious teacher deemed the x th century who lived in Sriwijaya (now Palembang ) in the south of the island Indonesia of Sumatra . He wrote …

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Riots in Jakarta May 1998

The 13 and 14 May 1998 , the riots occurred in Jakarta , capital of Indonesia . More riots took place in Surakarta ( Central Java ) on 14-15 May. Many shops belonging to Indonesians of Chinese origin have been attacked and looted. During these riots, more than 1,200 people were killed. Most were people trapped in the fire at the Mega Mall in the new town of Lippo Karawaci west of Jakarta. Among them, …

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