The Railway Museum Ambarawa in Indonesian Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa , is located in the town of Ambarawa , in the province of Central Java in Indonesia .

The museum opened on . It houses a collection of 21 old locomotives in the old railway station, from where a cog railway goes to the nearby village of Bedono.

A tourist train connects Ambarawa to Tuntang station .


In the colonial era of the Dutch East Indies , Ambarawa was an important military place. The king William st of the Netherlands wanted there to build a station in order to carry troops to Semarang , the main city in Central Java (and nowadays its provincial capital). In 1873 , the construction of Ambarawa Station was completed.

At the time of his beautiful days, Ambarawa was connected to Semarang and Magelang . Both lines are now decommissioned.