The Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814 was signed between the Netherlands 1 and the United Kingdom on August 13, 1814 in London.

By this treaty, the English returned to the Dutch their colonial possessions in Africa, America, and Asia, as they were before the beginning of the Napoleonic wars , with the exception of the Cape of Good Hope and South American settlements. Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo, where the Dutch retained commercial rights.

In addition, the British surrendered the island of Bangka in exchange for the establishment of Cochin and dependencies on the coast of Malabar in India . The Dutch ceded the district of Bernagore near Calcutta in exchange for an annual fee.

The two sides also agreed on an improvement of the defense of the Netherlands.

The English also agreed to pay a million pounds to Sweden in compensation for claims on Guadeloupe .

Disputes arising from the application of this treaty will lead to the signing of another treaty, the London Treaty of 1824 .

  1. ↑ The state consists of the former United Provinces , and existing in the period between the end of the Kingdom of Holland and the creation of the united kingdom of the Netherlands is not named.