The battle of Surabaya was between the young Indonesian army , created on October 5, 1945, and youth militias with British forces , whose mission was to disarm the Japanese occupation forces and free the Europeans detained in the Japanese camps. The peak of the battle was reached in. Despite strong resistance, British troops, consisting mainly of thirty thousand seasoned men th and 23 th divisions of the army of British India , managed to take control of Surabaya, the second largest city in the country. The battle was the largest of the revolution and has become a symbol of Indonesian resistance 1 . The November 10 celebrated every year on Heroes Day ( Hari Pahlawan ).

Despite the defeat and significant material and human losses that will be felt during the rest of the war of independence, the Battle of Surabaya galvanized the Republicans and convinced the British of the need to avoid too much involvement in the conflict .


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