On 17 October 1952 in Jakarta , capital of Indonesia , tanks surround the presidential palace. The chief of staff of the Indonesian army , General AH Nasution , at the head of a group of officers, asks President Soekarno for the dissolution of Parliament , denouncing the party system.

Soekarno rejects the request. Pronouncing a speech, he takes the situation in hand.


Indonesia proclaims its independence on August 17, 1945 . But the Netherlands , which had to abandon the Dutch East Indies with the Japanese landing in 1942 , want to recover their colony. After four years of armed and diplomatic conflict that the Indonesians call ” Revolusi “, the formal transfer of sovereignty over the territory took place on December 27, 1949 .

In the 1950s, the Indonesian Defense Minister, Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX of Yogyakarta , undertook a rationalization of the armed forces . Nasution supports this reform. In Parliament, the opposition parties criticize the project.


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