Festival of Royal Palaces of Indonesia

The Festival of Royal Courts of Indonesia , in Indonesian Keraton Nusantara Festival , is an event during which shows and exhibitions present the culture of the different royal and princely courts of Indonesia (” kraton “). The event takes place in a city in Indonesia where there is still a royal or princely court.

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The wayang or shadow theater is a traditional and popular show in the islands of Java and Bali . Wayang means “shadow”. Its most common form is the wayang kulit , where the figurines consist of flat leather puppets ( kulit means ” leather “). “Wayang Puppet Theater” was proclaimed in 2003 and inscribed in 2008 by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity 1 .

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Taman Sari

The Taman Sari ( Javanese “flower garden”) is a site of the city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia , where was a garden created by the first Sultan . It is located about 200 meters west of Kraton , the royal palace. Built in the middle of the xiii th century, the Taman Sari had several functions: resting place, workshop, place of meditation, strong military, cache 1 .

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Panji is a legendary prince of East Java in Indonesia . Her life is told by a set of stories called “Panji cycle”, which, along with the great Indian epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana , is a local source of many poems and stories for a form of wayang ( shadow theater). traditional) in East Java called wayang gedog ( gedog means “mask” in Javanese ) 1 . Panji’s story has inspired many traditional Indonesian dances , including topeng dances(word meaning “mask”) …

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The kretek , often called cigarettes clove , are cigarettes Indonesian made of a complex mixture of tobacco , of clove and a “sauce” aromatic. They were invented in Java around 1880 and conquered 90% of the country’s smokers. Their name is an onomatopoeia reproducing the crackling that cloves make when they burn in the cigarette. The end of these cigarettes or their filter is usually sweet.

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The Kasepuhan are a customary community in Indonesia around 5300 people living in the southern part of National Park Halimun Salak , located in the province of West Java in Indonesia . The park straddles the regency of Bogor and Sukabumi in West Java, and Lebak in the province of Banten . Their territory includes the villages of:

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Garuda (from Sanskrit गरुड / garuḍa , meaning ” eagle “) is a fabulous bird-man of Hindu and Buddhist mythology , son of Kashyapa and Vinatâ and brother of Aruna , the driver of the chariot of the god Sûrya . It is the vâhana , or mount, of the god Vishnu 1 . He is also considered the king of birds .

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Damarwulan is a hero legendary Javanese who appears in a cycle of stories ( “the cycle of Panji ” 2 ) used for performances of wayang klitik to langendriyan 3 or popular theater ketoprak . Particularly popular in East Java , these stories relate the struggle between the kingdom of Majapahit 4 and the Principality of Blambangan .

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Indonesian culture

The name “Indonesia” was coined in 1850 by the British anthropologist James Richardson Logan to designate the insular region between mainland Asia and Australia, which the Europeans considered as an extension of India because of the cultural influence they saw there 1 . The notion of “Indonesian nation” is probably not prior to the 1920s, when less indigenous political movements …

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