Ambarawa Railway Museum

The Railway Museum Ambarawa in Indonesian Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa , is located in the town of Ambarawa , in the province of Central Java in Indonesia . The museum opened on October 6 , 1976. It houses a collection of 21 old locomotives in the old railway station, from where a cog railway goes to the nearby village of Bedono.

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Pekanbaru-Muaro Line

The Pekanbaru-Muaro line (in Indonesian Jalur kereta api Muaro-Pekanbaru , English Sumatra Railway in Dutch Pakanbaroe-spoorweg ) is a railway line of 220 km in length between Pekanbaru and Muaro built by the Empire of Japan during the Second World War to strengthen the military and logistics infrastructure for the transport of coal and troops during its occupation Netherlands Indies .

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Rail transport in Indonesia

The rail transport in Indonesia is concentrated on the island of Java , has 2 main lines that cross the island from west to east and several secondary lines. In addition, Jakarta and the conurbation of which it is the center, Jabodetabek , has a regional express network , the KRL Jabotabek . Outside of Java, Indonesia’s only rail-owning region is in Sumatra , in the north of the island (North Sumatra and Aceh provinces ), centered on Medan , …

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River transport in Jakarta

Jakarta , the capital of Indonesia , has recently had a river transport system called Angkutan Sungai or more commonly Waterways , similar to TransJakarta ‘s high – level bus service system , nicknamed Busway . This urban transport system was inaugurated in 2007 by the governor of Jakarta of the time, Sutiyoso. It is part of a plan for the overall integration of the various modes of public transportation in the city.

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The Koperasi Angkutan Jakarta ( “Jakarta Transportation Cooperative”) or Kopaja is a cooperative founded in 1971 to provide a public transport service in Jakarta 1 . Kopaja has been formally integrated into the PT Transportasi Jakarta (TransJakarta) network, the Jakarta government’s public transport company 2 . The minibuses of the Kopaja, so far green and white will now be blue and white.

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National Committee for Transportation Safety

The ‘ National Committee for Transportation Safety ( Indonesian : Komite Nasional Keselamatan Transportasi , KNKT ; English : National Transportation Safety Committee , NTSC ) is Indonesian agency Standing charge of investigations of air accidents in Indonesia . KNKT is headquartered in the Indonesian Ministry of Transport in Jakarta 1 .

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