Charles Edgar du Perron , also said Eddy du Perron , born in Meester Cornelis (now Jatinegara in Jakarta ) in Indonesia onand died in Bergen (North Holland) on, is a Dutch journalist, poet and novelist .

Edgar du Perron was born and raised in the Dutch East Indies , where he began his career as a journalist and writer. He comes from a French family, patrician, residing in the Netherlands Indies and from Reunion . In 1921, he followed his parents who, after making their fortune “in India”, settled in Europe, in a castle in Gistoux , in the south of Brabant , Belgium .

He then lives in Paris where he meets Pascal Pia and the Catalan painter Pere Créixams (commonly known as Pedro Creixams). Later he became friends with the publisher René Bonnel and André Malraux , who dedicates his novel The Human Condition . In the meantime he and his Dutch friend Menno ter Braak founded the cultural magazine Forum . But tired of Paris, he returned in 1936 to live in Indonesia.

He died during a visit to the Netherlands on May 14, 1940, the day German troops crossed the Rhine.


  • 1923 Manuscript Found in a pocket , republished in Cambourakis ( ISBN  978-2916589527 )
  • 1935: The country of origin , translated into French by Gallimard, 1980
  • 1937: De man van Lebak ( The man of Lebak )
  • 1938: Multatuli, tweede pleidooi ( Multatuli, second plea )