Dharmarakshita ( th century ), also known by its Tibetan name Serlingpa Tibetan : གསེར་ གླིང་ པ , Wylie : gser gling pa , is a sovereign prince of a region of the island of Sumatra , and custodian of the lines transmissions of the mind of awakening 1 . It is a Buddhist religious teacher deemed the th century who lived in Sriwijaya (now Palembang ) in the south of the island Indonesia of Sumatra . He wrote an important text of Mahayana Buddhism , lojong , “The Wheel of Cutting Weapons”, in Tibetan Tibetan : བློ་ སྦྱོང་ མཚོན་ཆ་ འཁོར་ ལོ , Wylie : blo-sbyong mtshon-cha ‘khor-lo . Serlingpa was the teacher of Atisha , who played a key role in the restoration of Buddhism in Tibet and wrote the first book exposing the Lamrim 1 . He is considered the first link in the reincarnation line of Dagpo Rinpoche 1 .


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