Ken Arok is in Pararaton or “Book of Kings” (Javanese epic poem of the xvi th century), the name of an obscure origin adventurer who, in 1222 , killed Kertajaya, the king of Kediri in the east of Java . He then founded a new kingdom, Singasari , east of Kediri and took the name of Rajasa’s reign .

The name of Rajasa is known to us from Nagarakertagama , another epic poem written in 1365 during the reign of King Hayam Wuruk of Majapahit . This poem narrates Hayam Wuruk’s visit to Kagenengan to pay homage to Rajasa 1 .

Ken Arok’s identification with Rajasa is made by the Pararaton , a literary work and not a historical document.

Notes and references

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