The Lombok war is the Dutch colonial intervention on the Indonesian island of Lombok , then under the rule of the Balinese kings of Karangasem in 1894 .

In 1891 , the Sasak population of Lombok rebelled against his Balinese princes, including Anak Agung Made. Sasak chiefs seek help from the colonial government of the Dutch Indies . When the troops of Batavia enter the capital Mataram , the king commits suicide, which makes disappear the initial pretext of the intervention.

The Dutch, who seek to control Lombok, enter into negotiations with the Balinese raja , relying on a largely superior military force. The Balinese realize that the call for help from the Sasak was just a pretext. One night, they attack the Dutch troops. Nearly a hundred people are killed and more than 250 wounded in what the Dutch call ” Lombok’s treason ” .

Batavia sends reinforcements to Lombok, who is finally “pacified” after heavy fighting. The Dutch artillery is doing considerable damage to Ampenan and Mataram. Before attacking Cakranegara, the king’s residence, the Dutch shave everything that separates it from Mataram. The king asks for a truce but his delegation is greeted with grenades; Eventually 10,000 soldiers storm Cakranegara. The raja managed to escape but eventually surrendered. He is sent into exile to Batavia .