Count Ludovic de Beauvoir (29 March 1846-10 December 1929) was a French traveler of the xix th century.


He was born in 1846 in Brussels in a noble family of Orléanais . When he was only 19 years old, he embarked with his childhood friend the Duke of Penthievre for a trip around the world, which from 1865 to 1867, led him to Australia, in the Dutch East Indies (today hui ‘s Indonesia ), in Siam (now Thailand ), China, Japan and the United States.

Upon his return in 1867, Beauvoir published the first two volumes of his travel relationship: Australia and Java, Siam, Canton , which met with enormous success. He reports on his arrival in Melbourne , his travels in Victoria , Tasmania and New South Wales and talks about the gold mines in Victoria. He recounts the great crocodile and rhinoceros hunts in Java and describes the splendor of the lifestyle of the princes and the nobility of Javanese dress . In Siam, Beauvoir witnesses strange ceremonies, including the incineration rites of the king. After a brief stay in Hong Kong, he goes to Macaofrom which poor Chinese go to California.

In 1870-1871, Beauvoir participated in the Franco-German . He is decorated with the Legion of Honor and enters the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He published the third volume of his journey around the world, Beijing, Yeddo, San Francisco , in 1872. He gives all sorts of unusual details about China and Japan.

Ludovic de Beauvoir dies in 1929.


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