Madiun is a city ​​in Indonesia in the province of East Java , located 169 km southwest of Surabaya , the provincial capital. She has the status of kota . Its population was 190,800 in 1992.


In 1948, Indonesia and the Netherlands signed the Renville Agreement (named after the American warship on which it was signed, the USS Renville ), which ended the armed confrontation between the two sides. At the end of this agreement, all guerrilla units and non-government militias must be dissolved. In Madiun, a group of militiamen of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) refuses disarmament. The Indonesian army describes this act of insurrection. On September 30, the elite division “Siliwangi” enters Madiun. Thousands of PKI executives are executed and 36,000 are thrown in jail. The Secretary General, DNAidit , goes into exile in China.


Near Madiun is a village whose inhabitants work in the making of the traditional Javanese shadow theater wayang kulit figurines . They can also arrange shows for ceremonies such as weddings and other occasions requiring such a show.

8 km east of Madiun, in the village of Nglambangan, are ruins that date back to the time of the Majapahit Kingdom , including the pura (palace) of Lambangsari. They are considered sacred by the inhabitants and are the setting of ceremonies of the traditional Javanese religion during the Muslim month of Syuro .