The Ottoman expeditions to Aceh are the missions sent by the Ottoman Empire to Aceh , a sultanate located at the northern tip of the island of Sumatra east of the Indian Ocean. These are the farthest Ottoman naval expeditions in the Indian Ocean .

Shipping from 1567

In June 1567 , an Ottoman fleet of 19 galleys and several ships sailing from the port of Suez on the Red Sea to the sultanate of Aceh on the orders of Sultan Selim II 1 . However, the Ottoman expedition is stopped in Yemen where it supports the repression of a revolt. Only two galleys are allowed to continue to Aceh. The gunsmiths and Ottoman soldiers are a precious help to the Acehnese Sultan Alauddin al-Kahar against the Portuguese but he fails to take the strategic stronghold of Malacca during the siege of that city in 1568  (in) .

Notes and references

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