Panji is a legendary prince of East Java in Indonesia . Her life is told by a set of stories called “Panji cycle”, which, along with the great Indian epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana , is a local source of many poems and stories for a form of wayang ( shadow theater). traditional) in East Java called wayang gedog ( gedog means “mask” in Javanese ) 1 . Panji’s story has inspired many traditional Indonesian dances , including topeng dances(word meaning “mask”) of Cirebon and Malang . In the region of Kediri in East Java , from which it is believed that the history of Panji originates, we associate the latter with the legendary character of Totok Kerot 2 . The story of Panji also inspired literature and traditional theater of Malaysia to Thailand and Cambodia 3 .

History Origins

The actions of Panji are those traditionally assigned to Java to mythical ancestors 4 . Some authors believe that the story of Panji is based on an ancient myth featuring the sun and the moon ( Chandra is a lunar deity in Hinduism) 3 . Some details also suggest that the character of Panji could be inspired Kameçvara king of Kediri , who reigned at the end of the xii th century 5 and that of his wife, Chandra Kirana, the Queen cry Kirana. Curiously, in the story of Panji, kingdoms are reversed in relation to reality. In history, Panji is prince of the kingdom of Janggalaand conversely, Chandra Kirana is Princess of Kediri, while the real Kirana was Princess of Janggala. In the genealogy Pustaka Radja Mada ‘s court poet Rangga Warsita of Surakarta , Javanese kings, including Panji, are expected to descend five brothers Pandavas of Mahabharata 6 .


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