Peter Bellwood , born in 1943 , is a professor of archeology at the Australian National University .


He specializes in the following areas:

  • Prehistory of Southeast Asia and the Pacific from an archaeological, linguistic and biological point of view.
  • Origins of agriculture and cultural, linguistic and biological consequences at the global level.
  • Interdisciplinary links between archeology, linguistics and human biology.

He contributed as historical advisor to the making of the film Highlander from Russell Mulcahy in 1986.

Currently (2009) Bellwood is working on field archeology projects in the Philippines and Vietnam .

Peter Bellwood is Secretary General of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association and Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association .

He is a member of the editorial board of the following journals:

  • Asian Perspectives ;
  • Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory ;
  • Journal of Austronesian Studies ;
  • Journal of World Prehistory ;
  • Review of Archeology ;
  • Sarawak Museum Journal .

Major recent publications

  • 1995: The Austronesians
  • 1997 Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago ( th edition), Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press
  • 2000: Prasejarah Kepulauan Indo-Malaysia , PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Jakarta (previous translation in Indonesian )
  • 2001: “Early agriculturalist population diasporas, Farming, languages ​​and genes”, Annual Review of Anthropology , 30
  • 2002: P. Bellwood and C. Renfrew (eds.), Examining the Farming / Language Dispersal Hypothesis , Cambridge, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
  • 2004: Ian Glover and Peter Bellwood (eds.), Southeast Asia: From Prehistory to History , London, RoutledgeCurzon
  • 2003: “Farmers and their languages: the first expansions” ( Jared Diamond and Peter Bellwood), Science 300
  • 2004: “Colin Renfrew’s new synthesis: farming, languages ​​and genes as viewed from the Antipodes”, in Martin Jones ed., Traces of Ancestry: Studies in Honors of Colin Renfrew , Cambridge, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
  • 2005: “Australia and the Austronesians” (Peter Bellwood and Peter Hiscock), in Chris Scarre ed., The Human Past , London, Thames and Hudson
  • 2005: “The Batanes Archaeological Project and the” Out of Taiwan “Hypothesis for Austronesian Dispersal” (Peter Bellwood and Eusebio Dizon), Journal of Austronesian Studies , Taitung, Taiwan
  • 2005: “Examining the language / farming dispersal hypothesis in the East Asian context”, in L. Sagart, R. Blench and A. Sanchez-Mazas (eds.), The Peopling of East Asia: Putting Together Archeology, Linguistics and Genetics , London, RoutledgeCurzon
  • 2006: The Origins of Agricultural Societies , Oxford, Blackwell, winner of the Society of American Archeology Book Award