The Republic of the United States of Indonesia , in Indonesian Republik Indonesia Serikat or RIS, was a federal state created on December 14, 1949 by the signing of a Constituent Charter in the home of Soekarno in Jakarta . He was replaced on 17 August 1950 by the Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia or “Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia “.


The independence of the Republic of Indonesia was proclaimed on August 17, 1945 by Soekarno and Hatta . As early as January 1946, the Dutch return to Indonesia. In December, they announced in Denpasar in Bali the creation of a Negara Indonesia Timur (“State of Eastern Indonesia”). In July 1947, they launched an initial armed intervention against the Republic of Indonesia but must accept a call for a United Nations cease-fire .

On January 17, 1948, an agreement signed between the two parties on board the US warship USS Renville endorsed the Dutch project of a federal state in Indonesia. The Dutch are pursuing their federal project and announce the creation of a series of puppet states and territories in different parts of the archipelago, numbering 15 in 1948.

The signatories of the Constituent Charter are the representatives of the Republic of Indonesia and these 16 other States and Territories, namely 7 States:

  1. Mr. Susanto Tirtoprodjo for the Republic of Indonesia proper, consisting of the island of Sumatra (except the states of East Sumatra and South Sumatra), the Banten region , part of Central Java and part of East Java, of which the capital was then Yogyakarta ,
  2. The Prince Ida Anak Agung Gde Agung to the State of Eastern Indonesia ( Negara Indonesia Timur )
  3. Prince RAA Tjakraningrat for the State of Madura ,
  4. Mr. Soedarmo for the State of East Java ( Negara Jawa Timur ),
  5. Mr. Djoemhana Wiriatmadja for the State of Pasundan (present province of West Java ),
  6. Mr. Abdul Malik for the State of South Sumatra and
  7. Prince Radja Kaliamsjah Sinaga for the State of East Sumatra ( Medan Region , former Sultanate of Deli )

and 9 territories:

  1. The Sultan Hamid II of Pontianak for the special territory of West Kalimantan ,
  2. Mr. Mohammad Hanafiah for the territory of Bandjar ,
  3. Mr. Mohammad Jusuf Rasidi for the territory of Bangka ,
  4. MKA Mohammad Jusuf for the territory of Belitung ,
  5. Mr. Muhran for the territory of ” Grand Dayak ” ( Dajak Besar ),
  6. Dr. RV Sudjito for the Central Java Territory ,
  7. Mr. Jamani for the South-East Kalimantan Territory ( Kalimantan Tenggara , former Sultanate of Pasir ),
  8. MAP Sosronegoro for the territory of East Kalimantan (not including Pasir),
  9. Prince Radja Mohammad for the territory of Riau .

The RIS was recognized by the Netherlands on 27 December 1949 at the conclusion of the Hague Round Table Conference between the Kingdom, the Republic of Indonesia and the Bijeenkomst voor Federaal Overleg (“Federal Consultative Assembly”), in the presence of the United Nations Commission for Indonesia (UNCI).

The West New Guinea was not included in the United States of Indonesia.

Following the crushing of a movement led by Dr. Soumokil, Minister of Justice of the State of Eastern Indonesia, who proclaimed a ” Republic of the South Maluku ” on April 25, the authorities of Jakarta announce on 17 August 1950 the creation of the ” Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia” (Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia), which replaces the Republic of the United States of Indonesia.


  • Indonesia Timur (Eastern Indonesia): established on December 24, 1946, dissolved on August 17, 1950, President Tjokorde Gde Rake Sukawati
  • Sumatera Timur (East Sumatra)


  • Bangka, Belitung and Riau: established on July 12, 1947, forming a confederation, incorporated in the IR on April 4, 1950, president of the Executive Committee Masjarif
  • Banjar: established on January 14, 1948, incorporated in the IR on April 4, 1950, capital Banjarmasin , chairman of the Board Mr. Hanafiah
  • Batavia (Provisional Federal District of): Governor Prince RAA Hilman Djajadiningrat (August 11, 1948 – 1950)
  • Dayak Besar (“Grand Dayak”): established on December 7, 1946, incorporated in the IR on April 4, 1950, Chairman of the Board J. van Dyk