Sanjaya is a Shaivite ruler from Central Java , Indonesia . It is known to us by two inscriptions.

The first, called Canggal, dated 732 , says that Sanjaya, raka (lord) of Mataram , founded a shrine dedicated to Shiva with a linga , on the hill of Bukit Ukir (located 10 km east of the temple Buddhist Borobudur .

The second, called Mantyasih (found 15 km north of Borobudur), dated 907 and issued by King Balitung (898-910), contains a list of kings who preceded Balitung from Sanjaya.

Curiously, the successor of Sanjaya on this list is a raka i Panangkaran (Lord Panangkaran) which is also associated with the foundation in 778 of the temple of Kalasan , also Buddhist. This lord of Panangkaran was therefore a king of the Buddhist dynasty of Sailendra 1 .

The Kings Sanjaya

  • Dyah Lokapala, rakai (“lord to”) Kayuwangi (856-886)
  • Rakai Watuhumalang (886-898)
  • Balitung , rakai Watukura, with the title of Sri Iswarakesawotsawatungga (899-910)
  • Daksa (910-919)
  • Tulodong, with the title of Sri Sajanasanmatanuragatuggadewa (919-924)
  • Wawa, with the title of Sri Wijayalokanamottungga (924-929)

Notes and references

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