The Sultanate of Tidore is a princely state of Indonesia located on the island of Tidore in the North Maluku Province . The current sultan is Husein Sjah, inducted in 2012.


The Portuguese note a tradition of “four pillars”, consisting of the four kingdoms of Bacan , Jailolo (in the island of Halmahera ), Ternate and Tidore, which symbolize the unity and completeness of the Moluccas . This world is dominated by Ternate and Tidore, the maritime and commercial network extends from Sulawesi to the peninsula Doberai to end Western New Guinea 1 .

The relations between Ternate and Tidore, two islands separated by a strait just 1.6 kilometers wide, can be described as “friendly hostility”. This relationship is reflected in the sharing of areas of influence in which Ternate forges ritual, marriage and economic ties with the islands to the north and west, and Tidore with those to the south and east.


In Indonesia, some princes can play a political role. Thus, Sultan Zainal Abidin Sjah (1947-1967) was the first governor of the province of Irian Jaya ( Western New Guinea ) from 1956 to 1961.

Notes and references

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