The Tempe Lake Festival is an annual event that takes place on August 23 on Lake Tempe in Indonesia . This lake is located in the Wajo kabupaten in South Sulawesi province on the island of Celebes , in the heart of Bugiscountry .

At this festival is celebrated the Maccera Tappareng festival . This ritual festival is organized by fishermen in order to purify the lake. On this occasion, an ox is sacrificed at a ceremony led by the dean of the lake’s fishing community.

The festival is the place of various shows. The participants wear the baju bodo , the traditional bugis clothing. Among the festivities are organized various attractions, among which include: a traditional boat race, a decorated boat competition, kites, the election of a Kallolona or maid of the country of Wajo, a mortar percussion competition at rice, a traditional music show, dances of priests bissu .