The Youth Oath ( Sumpah Pemuda in Indonesian) is the main founding episode in the history of the Indonesian independence movement . This manifesto of Indonesian youth is the first statement of the values ​​and ideals that would preside over the founding of the state that will become modern Indonesia .

What is now called the “Youth Oath” is actually the closing text of the Second Youth Congress , 1 being held for two days, October 27-28, 1928 in Batavia . It defines the concepts of “Indonesian nation”, ” Indonesian people “, as well as ” Indonesian language “. These conclusions were intended to be used as a basis for any association and to be published in newspapers and read before any political meeting.

It is interesting to note that the very term ” indonesia” , until now confined to an intellectual milieu, is for the first time publicly used and disseminated. The name “Sumpah Pemuda” did not appear after the congress, and was not claimed by its editors 2 . Below is the official text as it appears today at Memorial Museum 3 . The spelling is the original one according to the transcription ejaan van Ophuysen , based on the Dutch pronunciation.

The oath

Original version and French translation
Text in Indonesian French translation

Kami poetra dan poetri Indonesia, mengakoe bertoempah darah jang satoe, tanah Indonesia.
Kami poetra dan poetri Indonesia mengakoe berbangsa jang satoe, bangsa Indonesia.
Kami poetra dan poetri Indonesia mendjoendjoeng bahasa persatoean, bahasa Indonesia.

We, sons and daughters of Indonesia, proclaim to be of common origin, the Indonesian homeland.
We, the sons and daughters of Indonesia, claim to belong to a common nation, the Indonesian nation.
We, sons and daughters of Indonesia, proclaim aspiring to speak a common language, the Indonesian language.

Writing the text

The text of the oath was written by Moehammad Yamin , on a piece of paper that he transmitted to Sugondo Djojopuspito while Sunario Sastrowardoyo was making his speech, as representative of the Boy Scouts . Finding him very well, he transmits them to the speaker who reads them to all 4 . It is then that Yamin Explicita each statement in detail 5 .

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