The Tjakrabirawa regiment was an elite unit of the Indonesian army in charge of the presidential guard under President Soekarno . The regiment was dissolved in 1966 because of its participation in the Movement of September 30, 1965 .

Soekarno had created the Tjakrabirawa following several assassination attempts against him. The regiment was made up of soldiers from different units like the KOSTRAD of the Army , the OKC ( body Indonesian marines , the PGT(now Kopaskhas ) of the Air Force and the Mobile Brigade of the Police . Its first commander was the Brigadier General Mr. Sabur.

“Tjakrabirawa” is the name of Kresna’s sacred weapon in the wayang kulit , the traditional Javanese shadow theater . The emblem of the regiment was a golden cakra in a red pentagon surmounted by a red beret .