The term Tragedi Semanggi refers to two series of popular protests as part of the holding and agenda of a “special session” ( sidang istimewa ) of the MPR , the Indonesian parliament . During these demonstrations, a number of civilians were killed. The first, known as Tragedi Semanggi I , took place on the 11th and,  masa pemerintah transisi ⇔ Indonesia , and caused the death of 17 civilians. The second event, known as Tragedi Semanggi II , took place on A student and 11 other people were killed and 217 were wounded.


In early November 1998 the Indonesian Transitional Government convened a special meeting of the MPR to prepare for the upcoming elections and discuss the political agenda to be put in place. The student unrest resurfaced because students do not recognize the government of BJ Habibie and do not trust the members of the MPR resulting from the new Order of Soeharto . They are also pushing for an end to military interference in politics and “purging” the men’s government of the new Order.

The population and the students refuse the extraordinary session and oppose the dual function of the Indonesian army. Throughout this special session, the population joins the students taking part in daily demonstrations in the streets of Jakarta and other major cities of the country. These incidents draw the attention of all Indonesia and the international community. In almost all schools and universities in Jakarta , where the special session is being held, classes are suspended in order to prevent students from grouping together. The actions of students are the subject of the strictest attention on the part of university leaders, who are under pressure from their superiors who disapprove of


The Jalan Salemba’s students and population fought the Pamswakarsa at the Tugu Proklamasi complex .

On November 12, 1998, hundreds of thousands of students and residents move towards the building housing the National Assembly and Parliament, but fail to reach it because it is strictly guarded by army units, the Brimob and by the Pamswakarsa (civil militia armed bamboo sharp  untuk diadu dengan mahasiswa ⇔ ). In the evening clashes occur in Slipi and Jalan Sudirman, dozens of students are transported to the hospital. Thousands of students are evacuated to Atma Jaya University. A student, Lukman Firdaus, is seriously injured; hospitalized, he died a few days later.


The number of protesters is estimated at several tens of thousands, around 15h armored vehicles circulate to disperse protesters who flee,

Tragedy of Semanggi II

A student from the University of Indonesia , Yun Hap dies from gunshot wounds di Depan ⇔ before the University Atma Jaya .

Other regions


  • Student Movement in Indonesia , Jakarta Media Syndication Produksi, 1999

Documentary film about the student movement during the year 1998. Original version with commentary and subtitles in English. shown in Indonesian cinemas under the title Tragedi Jakarta 1998 .

  • Perjuangan Tanpa Akhir , produced by Aliansi Korban Kekerasan Negara (AKKRa), 2005

A 28 – minute documentary film telling the story of the parents of victims of the events at Trisakti University (1998), Semanggi I (1998), and II (1999) for justice.

  • Indonesian Student Revolt. Do not Follow Leaders , produced by Offstream [1]  [ archive ] , 2001

Documentary film about the different student movements in Indonesia from 1966 to 1998 .


On 14 November 2005 , students lay flowers on Jalan Sudirman, just before the Atma Jaya University campus to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the tragedy of Semanggi I 1 , 2 . (IMC Jakarta)  [ archive ] (KOMPAS)  [ archive]

 Pengadilan HAM ad hoc ⇔

On March 6, 2007 , a deliberation body ( Badan Musyawarah or Bamus ) of the DPR renewed its veto on this recommendation. This decision, by preventing the issue from being addressed in plenary, effectively blocking the future holding of a special human rights tribunal.

The meeting of the deliberative body was led by DPR President Agung Laksono . During this meeting six of the ten fractions refused. The six fractions in question were Golkar , Democratic Party , PPP , PKS , PBR , and BPD .

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