The London Treaty of 1824 or the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824 was signed between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in London. Its purpose was to solve the different problems arising from the application of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814 .

The treaty of 1814 was supposed to solve the various questions raised by the British occupation of the Dutch possessions during the Napoleonic Wars , as well as those relating to the respective commercial rights of the two nations in the ” spice islands” . ”

This treaty did not define the limits of the expansion of each of the parties in the Malay world . The founding of Singapore in 1819 by Thomas Stamford Raffles exacerbated tensions. The Dutch claimed that the treaty signed between Raffles and the sultan of Johor was invalid because it was part of their sphere of influence. The question of the commercial rights of the Dutch and their former possessions in India was another matter of contention.

Negotiations began in 1820. The Dutch wanted the British to give up Singapore. Discussions resumed in 1823. Meanwhile, Singapore had grown in importance. The Dutch offered to renounce their claims to northern Malacca Straitand their settlements in India in exchange for confirmation of their rights south of the Strait and on the British colony of Bengkulu .

The treaty was finally signed on , sealing the division of the Malay world in two, in what will become later, on the one hand the Republic of Indonesia , on the other hand the Federation of Malaysia .